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February 2018 Aerial
February 28, 2018

The North Terminal Project is more than 60 percent  complete, and is set to open in February 2019. As of February 22, 2018, the roof on Concourse B and C is  complete, all of the structural steel for Concourse A is in place, and all of the precast is set for the parking garage.
  • Total concrete poured for foundations, columns, and floors is equivalent to 173,599,321 8 oz. bowls of gumbo.
  • More than 36,000 pieces of structural steel make up the terminal.
  • 1,260 pilings were used for the foundation of Concourse A.
  • Total wick drain installed is 3,045 miles. The total wick drains installed would stretch further than the distance between San Francisco and New York City.

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