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What is happening to the current terminal?

Once the new terminal is open, the airport will have over 200 acres of developable land on the south side of airport property. A land use analysis is being conducted to determine the highest and best use of the land.

Why do we need a new airport terminal?

  1. The Age of the Airport Terminal. The current terminal is over 50 years old. An aging facility hurts two ways. First, it does not make a good impression on behalf of our community and second, it costs more to maintain and increases the cost to our airlines that results in hurting business here at MSY.
  2. Reconfigure Concessions. The optimum operation for the airport will have non-airline revenue from concessions greater than airline revenue. Because of the physical limitations of the existing terminal, the opportunity to reach optimum revenue balance is limited.
  3. In-Line Baggage Screening Solution Needed. A strategic deficiency in the present terminal is the absence of an inline Explosive Detection System (EDS) for screening checked baggage or luggage. It is a must-have feature in any modern airport of our size.
  4. Lack of Full Airport Access. Because the existing concourses in the terminal were constructed as four unlinked structures, the lack of an option to transfer between flights on the secure side of the airport results in fewer flights and fewer people. The present terminal layout also eliminates full access to all of the restaurants and concessions.
  5. Consolidated Checkpoint Needed. Finally, for the airport to efficiently process the growing number of passengers at Armstrong International through security it will require a consolidated checkpoint that cannot be constructed in the present structure.

Will there be an art program in the new terminal?

The airport is in the process of auditing and inventorying its current art collection and does not plan at the present moment to modify or increase the collection until we have moved all operations to the new terminal.  We are compiling a list of artists who have expressed an interest in the new terminal art program or in making donations of art  for upcoming communications as the new program is developed after operations have moved to the new terminal.  Persons interested in being included on this list can fill out the form here: https://www.thenewmsy.com/art-in-the-terminal
In the new terminal, the Airport’s current collection will be augmented by the visual and performing arts programs provided by the concessionaires and the open structure and expansive glass walls presented by the building’s unique architecture, which was designed by world renowned architect, Cesar Pelli.
Nevertheless, there will be a public Call to Artists advertised in 2019 seeking artists with demonstrated experience in creating large-scale public art pieces for the commissioning of a sculpture in the entrance round-about on the access road area approaching the new Terminal.
Persons interested in being included on the list to receive notice of the Call to Artists for the sculpture project can fill out the form here: https://www.thenewmsy.com/art-in-the-terminal


How will you get to the new terminal?

When the new MSY terminal opens in fall 2019, the public will take a different route to get to the airport. The new terminal is located in closer proximity to the region’s main thoroughfare, I-10. Travelers will exit Loyola Drive from I-10, cross over Veterans Boulevard and proceed on the new dedicated Airport access roadway.

The streets leading from the interstate to airport property are maintained by the State of Louisiana, and plans are underway now to make improvements to the roadways to accommodate traffic flow through the Veterans/Loyola corridor.

Learn more at https://www.thenewmsy.com/the-plan/accessing-the-terminal.

What airlines will fly from the new terminal?

All airlines will transfer to and operate from the new terminal. Once the new terminal opens, no commercial flights will operate from the existing facility.

What will be housed on the south side of airport property?

Some facilities on the south side of airport property will continue to be housed there. The Consolidated Rental Car facility, Firehouse, Long-Term Parking, and Air Traffic Control Tower will stay in their current location.

What parking will be available at the new terminal?

When the new terminal opens, estimates show that the ideal number of parking spaces needed to adequately meet forecasted parking demand is approximately 7,000. The plans for the new terminal include over 8,000 spaces, which will support future growth. The planned parking facilities are a Short Term Garage, Long Term Garage and Surface Parking Lot adjacent to the new terminal and a remote Economy Garage (current Long Term Garage) with free shuttle service to and from the terminal.

Is the rental car facility relocating, too?

The rental car facility is not relocating to the north side of airport property. Passengers will have to take a shuttle from the new terminal to the rental car facility on the south side of airport property.

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